The Top 6 Tips for Handling Dog Fur

By / February 20, 2019

Most dog breeds naturally shed fur. Although you may love your dog, it can be a hassle to have to clean up fur around your house because it can easily stick to your furniture and clothes. The breeds which typically shed the most fur are Siberian Huskies, Labrador Retrievers, and German Shepherds. No matter what the breed of your dog is, below are 6 helpful tips for managing their shed fur. 1) Brush Your Dog If you want to reduce the amount of fur that falls onto your carpet, you need to brush your dog's hair every day. Any loose hairs on the dog will get pulled out by the brush. In addition, your dog's remaining hair will look smoother and cleaner too. 2) Buy a High-Quality Vacuum A high-quality vacuum may be needed if your dog sheds fur on a regular basis. This needs to be a good vacuum that can actually suck up the fur off the carpet. Don't buy a cheap vacuum because its suction ability won't be as good for removing fur. 3) Apply a Lint Roller Lint rollers do more than just remove lint from clothes. When fur falls onto the furniture and carpets throughout your home, the adhesiveness of the lint roller will cause the fur to stick to it. This is easier than having to pick up the fur by hand. 4) Serve Healthy Food Sometimes a dog will shed fur because they are given a poor diet which consists of grainy and corn-based foods. They won't be able to digest this kind of food so easily. As a result, it will make their skin dry out and their fur shed. If your dog has a food allergy, that could cause shedding and other skin problems too. A veterinarian might be able to help your dog in the case of food allergies. Overall, you can improve the hair health of your dog by feeding them foods with omega-3 fatty acids and lots of protein. 5) Use a Good Brush It is not enough to just brush your dog's hair. You need to use the right brush when you do it. The two main types of brushes are long brushes and short brushes. If you have a dog with a shorter fur coat like a bulldog or beagle, then brush them with either a hound mitt or a brush with natural bristles. If your dog has a thick coat of fur, especially if it is long fur, then you'll need a stronger brush. Collies and Pomeranians are two dog breeds which have double-coated fur. A rake might be better for brushing their fur and ensuring all their loose hairs are removed. Begin by brushing away from the direction of your dog's hair growth and then brush again toward the direction of the hair growth. This will remove all the dead fur from their coat. 6) Bathe Your Dog Your dog should be bathed periodically. It will make their fur coat healthier and hygiene better. Use products, such as Nuvet Conditioning Oatmeal Shampoo, to treat their dry or itchy skin as you bathe them. That way, their chances of hair loss will be reduced.
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