The Best Ways to Take Care of Small Dogs

By / February 20, 2019

Sometimes it is better to own a smaller breed of dog rather than a larger breed, depending on your current health and living situation. A lot of people in this world reside in fairly small spaces. It is easier to take care of a dog in this situation if they are smaller too. Not only that, they will be more comfortable in the home as well. Regardless of how much space you have, you should always focus on the size of your dog before purchasing one. This will ensure that they are happy in your home and will stay healthy for a long time. Below are the 3 best ways in which you can care for smaller dogs. 1) Monitor Their Activities Regularly You can only keep your dog next to you for so long. When they wander off on their own in your home, make sure you know where they are. If you have a very small dog, they can fit into tight spaces like a cat. This could make them susceptible to getting trapped in these spaces or possibly even injuring themselves when they try to escape. Also, if you are having company over your house, think about caging your dog during this time. This will prevent any accidents where the dog might get hurt or stepped on by the guests 2) Keep Them Warm and Comfortable Small dogs tend to feel cold more than big dogs. When it gets colder outside during the fall and winter, consider putting puppy clothes on your small dog to keep them warm. The clothes will make them more comfortable as well as enhance their fashion. There are all sorts of clothes available for small dogs, including sweaters, jackets, tank tops, and T-shirts. The choice will depend on the look you want for your dog and the temperature it is outside. When you keep the dog in a crate, put a heating pad in there to keep them warm. If it is summertime and you have your air conditioner on inside, these clothes may still come in handy because AC can be quite cold. 3) Watch Their Nutrition A lot of dog owners don't think about nutrition when preparing food for their small dogs. Whether you have a large dog or small dog, both are susceptible to obesity if you feed them the wrong way. Talk to a veterinarian about which foods you should feed your dog. Pay attention to the recommended portion sizes too. Small dogs should have food that is mostly meat or fish. Make sure there are no filler ingredients in them like corn or ash. If you give them fatty foods or junk foods meant for humans, it could damage their gums and teeth. To help your dog with their oral health, you should brush their gums and teeth a few times per week. It is common for smaller dogs to develop gum disease and tooth decay more quickly on unhealthy diets. Brushing is the only way to prevent this.
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