The Best 3pl Solutions Sealion Cargo: Global Specialists in Freight Forwarding

By / July 28, 2022

Are you looking for a reputable third-party logistics company that offers the best 3pl solutions in Canada? Sealion Cargo is one of the best Canadian Freight Forwarders in Toronto. They take the utmost care in managing your inventory and assuring the products and services reach the customers without any delay. They handle them all, be it preparing the product, shipping them, and handling the after-sales service!


Founded in 2014, Sealion Cargo is a popular third-party logistics company in Toronto. With an aim to go global, Sealion’s services span across Canada, with operations in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, and other Canadian Freight port areas.
Sealion Cargo is the best go-to option if you’re planning to import or export goods to the Canadian ports or ship globally. With a well-established and diverse team of professional Freight Specialists, they unleash the potential embedded in supply chains to offer Industry leading customer support and freight forwarding services to the clients.
Whether you are an established business or a newly emerging venture in the market, Sealion Cargo helps you navigate through the International Freight Forwarding complexities. Despite the global cargo chaos, Sealion Cargo enables you to get your supply moving without any interruptions.
Since Sealion Cargo has a better understanding of the regional shipping culture and takes each project seriously, it is known as one of the best PIP (Partners in Protection) accredited Freight Forwarder Services in Canada. Furthermore, they have gained international recognition from leading International Freight Associations such as CIFFA, IATA, and FIATA.
Functions  With headquarters in Toronto, Sealion Cargo offers incredible services at reasonable freight rates. Some of the logistics services they provide include:

  1. Canadian Trucking Services:
When it comes to providing dedicated trucking services across Canada, Sealion’s team does not come up with excuses. A tight network of trusted Trucking Partners ensures excellent reliability, professional services, and prompt responsiveness to their clients. The trucking services include:
  • Transporting Liquid Bulk.
  • Ocean Container Drayage.
  • Specialized and standard trailer services.
  • Cross Border Trucking.
  • Transportation of vehicles.

  1. Air Freight: 
The professional Air freight expert in Sealion cargo will ensure your shipment reaches the destination point without delay in a few days. They take pride in moving over 2000 packages having 17000+ kgs and holding a flight time of 18000 hours.
  1. Ocean Freight:
Sealion specializes in large container cargo and offers personalized services and customized logistics solutions that ensure the best value. Some of the ocean freight services are:
  • DG Certification.
  • Customs Clearance.
  • Cross-Docking.
  • Ocean Handling.
  • Export Declaration.

  • Professional Services.
  • Access to efficient processing
  • Helps identify the best delivery option.
  • Enhanced customer support services.
  • Accurate quotes and timely updates.

  • Some users claimed the service charges were quite high.


Sealion Cargo partners with globally recognized shipping partners who are air, land, and ocean freight leaders. So whatever you want to ship, Sealion uses their tailored logistics solutions to get it anywhere across the globe!
Wrap Up 

Sealion Cargo is the preferred choice for all Canadian freight logistics services if you want to ship globally by land, ocean, or air. Since they provide specialized supply chain solutions, you no longer have to worry about freight forwarding services anymore. Instead, you get to focus more time and effort on growing your business, knowing that your products will reach your customers on time without any hassle.
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