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Your Tarot Reading for 2020
2020 is sure to prove a rocky year for a number of zodiac signs, but that doesn't mean that it won't present opportunities to others. Depending on your birthday, you may be able to find valuable guidance and advice simply by looking at your annual tarot prediction. Below, you will find a complete reading for 2020, with all the necessary insight you'll need to face the year's challenges.

Aries (Emperor)

This year, those born under the Aries sign will see a heavy influence from the Emperor Card. This indicates that 2020 might be a great time for them to develop and utilize their valuable leadership skills. That said, you should be wary not to take your ego too far. You might also consider indulging your wild side a bit instead of keeping things "strictly business."

Taurus (Hierophant)

The Hierophant Card will serve as the guiding light for those born under Taurus, the bull. This indicates that you should focus a lot more energy on your family and other relationships. You might even consider this a hint that it's time to start your own family so that you can give your strong sense of compassion and love a place to grow.

Gemini (Lovers)

For this air sign, 2020 will be heavily influenced by the Lovers Card. This means it will be absolutely crucial for you to reevaluate your relationships with others. Trust your feelings and trust your heart – it knows which relationships need to be ended and which should be nurtured. You should also note that your horoscope hints that some disputes might be coming your way. It will be up to you to figure out the best ways to satisfy those involved.

Cancer (Chariot)

The presence of the Chariot Card indicates that Cancers will be facing a year full of changes. Luckily, these changes will be mostly positive, providing you find the courage to force yourself out of your comfort zone and cope with them. Ignore anything that feels like a step backward – the inspiration you need is coming!

Leo (Strength)

As if Leos didn't have enough energy already, the guiding hand of the Strength Card is sure to boost your energy levels to a new height. With this increased self-confidence, you will be in a position to navigate the roughest waters to achieve your dreams. You're a natural leader – prove that you can lead yourself to victory!

Virgo (Hermit)

The Hermit Card is a warning to Virgos that 2020 will be a year of self-isolation and refocus. This is long overdue, however, and you'll learn to make the most out of the time you spend alone. In fact, you'll likely use it to get started on a brand-new project or endeavor. Providing you maintain discipline in your life, your hard work is sure to pay off.

Libra (Justice)

For the Libras of the world, 2020 will be a year for spiritual "Spring cleaning." You crave harmony and equilibrium in your life, and you'll finally have the time to find it. Of course, this means that you'll need to get your finances in order early on in the year. Also remember to nurture your independent streak and give yourself time to heal, grow, and recharge your batteries.

Scorpio (Death)

Though understandably ominous, the Death Card doesn't indicate some inescapable doom, but a symbolic change from one thing into another. You might experience a major breakthrough in your life or find the strength to leave behind a person, place, or thing that makes you miserable.

Sagittarius (Art)

For Sagittarius, 2020 will be a year of learning to juggle multiple parts of your life. While you should take the time to be creative and positive in your career and personal interactions, you'll also need to be determined and strong-willed to achieve any success. Do your best and stay focused at all times.

Capricorn (Devil)

The Devil Card signifies some major temptations might be coming your way in 2020. Though you're serious, hardworking, and utterly pessimistic at times, consider this permission to do something a bit naughty now and then.

Aquarius (Star)

The Star Card indicates that you should rely on your intuition and ignore any skeptics you might have around you. This is especially true of any innovative ideas you might have, as now is the time to bring them to life. Also, be sure to take adequate time to work on your self-esteem, as it will help you get the respect you crave from the people in your life. However, keep in mind that you should not set goals if you can't bear to fail at them.

Pisces (Moon)

The Moon Card is telling you that 2020 will present you with challenges that might force you to change your life in some way. When this happens, try to recognize it and let your natural intuition guide you. After all, problems are just another part of life, and they give you a great opportunity to learn from your errors. Moreover, if you want to protect others this year, avoid deception at all costs.

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