Sentro Supply Chain: Where 3PL is a passion

By / July 10, 2022

Many manufacturers use 3PL or 3rd Party Logistics companies due to the complexity of shipping and logistics functions. There are several 3PL companies in Canada, but not all have the tools or expertise to provide error-free and effective services. Sentro Supply Chain is your best option if you need a third-party logistics company in Canada. You will be able to focus more on your core operations if you outsource to them.


Sentro's founders began their careers on the front lines of operations and transportation. They recognized an opportunity and capitalized on it. They recognized the need to streamline the flow of freight and related communications. They founded the company 15 years ago and are now regarded as one of the best third-party logistics providers in Canada. They are known for being meticulous and having a clear and precise plan for their work.

Their clients manufacture and distribute their products for a wide range of retailers in the United States and Canada. Sentro sits down and develops a customized strategy to approve efficiency and cost savings throughout each customer's supply chain. They thoroughly assess and manage the needs of their clients.


Sentro provides a host of 3rd party logistics services to its customers through its offices in Toronto and Ontario, apart from a few offices in the USA. They specialize in:

  • Highway logistics: dry goods shipping of both LTL (Less Than Truckload) and truckload id Sentro’s specialty. They can transport the goods to the final destination like a regional distribution center throughout Canada and the USA. They offer full shipment visibility, signed PODs, and web-based tracking and tracing features.

  • Intermodal Transport: the population in Canada is spread out, and regional distribution centers are in Calgary (Western), Toronto (Central), and Moncton (Eastern). The two national railways connecting the country offer intermodal transport options. Sentro offers a well-planned distribution of goods that takes into account the added time and can help a customer save up to 30% on the cost.

  • Warehousing and distribution: Sentro assists its customers in finding and assessing warehousing and distribution centers in all the key locations in Canada and the USA. They offer the best options depending on the size, location, manpower, duration, and facility requirements. Sentro does most of the work and saves time and money for its customers.

  • Cross-border service from various points across Canada to the USA
  • Heated transport service for protecting goods from freezing
  • Assistance with all customs, border, and other document requirements
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Web-based tracking features

  • There have been instances of them taking more time than promised


Sentro is a well-known name in 3PL in Canada. They are well known for being efficient both on highways and intermodal transportation services. Once you choose them to transport goods for you, you can rest assured. They will do a fantastic job.

Final thoughts

Whether you want to transport inside Canada or to the USA, Sentro offers a lot of options at reasonable costs. They not only provide transportation services but will also help in procuring warehousing and distribution spaces as well. They ensure that once a customer entrusts the goods to them, they transport them in the best way possible to their destination.
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