Samsara Fleet Tracking: The Best Fleet GPS Tracking Software Solution

By / July 14, 2022

GPS fleet tracking systems are the most popular tracking systems among customers. A GPS or Global Positioning System tracker is a device that can give a highly accurate location of a carrier. The Samsara fleet tracking system also uses GPS for collecting location data and displays it on a map. This allows users to get real-time visibility of their vehicles, driver behavior, and overall operations.

Samsara fleet tracking system offers one platform for all of your operations. A user can manage all the data related to a vehicle, such as scheduled maintenance, oil changes, equipment monitoring, driver workflows, and safety of the vehicles and drivers. With the help of engine diagnostics, it is possible to prevent breakdowns and cut costs.


  • Monitoring weather and traffic conditions and locating the nearest charging stations allows for on-schedule stops
  • An aerial view of the vehicle aids in route navigation as well as in tracking any stolen property
  • Live location sharing facility helps customers keep track and results in more accurate ETAs
  • Automatic notifications through texts or mail when the vehicle arrives or leaves specific locations
  • With this software, it is easy to plan and analyze routes and stops and check the performance so that it could be improved with training
  • Samsara system allows easy integration with multiple 3rd party routing and dispatching software for better operations
  • Analyzing trip data is easy and helps in identifying driver trends


  • Tracking the fleet in real-time
  • Samsara helps in maintaining compliance with ELD, HOS, and DVIR regulations
  • Ideal for small businesses that need fleet tracking systems
  • Optimize the time spent at each location and see how the drivers spend their days
  • Equipment monitoring data lets a user know about under or overutilization and helps in planning

Get the most out of your equipment. Identify what is being underutilized and make data part of your procurement planning process.


  • Pricing details are not available on the website. You will need to contact a representative
  • Samsara has a 3-vehicle minimum and 3-year contracts

Samsara fleet tracking system works best with transportation and logistics, food & beverage, school transportation, and oil & gas industries, though the company services various types of businesses. The company tailors the system to best match the specific fleet needs to increase the overall usability and efficiency. The platform is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Another great feature that Samsara offers is the integrated dashcams. The dashcams allow users to see what is in front of the vehicle in real-time. Moreover, it also records all incidents pertaining to safety that you can review and analyze.

Final thoughts

Samsara's fleet tracking system offers a wider variety of fleet tracking hardware compared to its competitors. Apart from the usual plug-and-play devices that all fleet tracking companies offer, Samsara provides in-cab cameras, other trackers, and accessories such as environmental monitors, wireless door and cargo monitors, panic buttons, etc.

If you are looking for a fleet tracking system, then choose the Samsara GPS. It offers many features that are ideal for small to medium businesses. By using this system, you will always know the exact locations of your fleet and will be able to monitor them better.
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