RIG Logistics: Customer-driven smart solutions

By / June 12, 2022

If you find supply chain management very stressful, then 3rd party logistics is the right solution. RIG Logistics is an asset-based logistics company based out of Calgary, Alberta. It is an asset-based company, meaning they own the carriers and are in a position to control every aspect of the operation.


RIG Logistics holds more than 100 Long Combination Vehicles fleet and employs more than 200 people. The company’s goal is to create long-term relationships for its employers and customers. They pride themselves on being honest, safe, and completely dependable.

The company has vast experience with temperature-controlled, heated, and dedicated food freight. They take a pro-active approach to logistics, with their owner having a hands-on approach. They operate in-house maintenance workshops and ensure their carriers are always in the best running condition.


RIG Logistics has been doing well because of the way they function. They are just the right size to handle big projects and, at the same time, able to accommodate seasonal fluctuations easily.

  • LCV (Long Combination Vehicle)
Did you know that LCVs can carry more freight for less price? At the same time, they hold on to higher safety standards. RIG Logistics owns a large fleet of LCVs. These vehicles can move twice the amount of goods and offer a seamless flow. The company looks after the vehicles in its workshops and ensures that the drivers are continuously upskilled and trained to work the best.

  • Food service
Moving food is different from moving other goods. It needs specialized transportation services. RIG logistics offers its customers the security and reliability of a dedicated carrier. They have a proven track record in the food and grocery business. They have dedicated equipment and fully trained drivers. The company can provide customised solutions for food service needs.

  • Intermodal transport
If you are looking for reliable and secure transport services from Calgary and Edmonton, then RIG logistics is the best option. They offer drayage services and intermodal facilities. They have all types of chassis sizes to accommodate various sizes. They execute hundreds of deliveries every day in Alberta. The company also offers exceptional direct-to-rail pick-ups for several manufacturing and forestry companies.

  • Can move more goods at less price
  • Less carbon offset and environmentally responsible
  • Multi-temperature loads
  • Large pool of dedicated and cross-trained drivers
  • Secure yard and centralised dispatch facilities
  • In-house maintenance workshops

  • The customers may have to pay for a truckload even if it is LTL


Rig Logistics is a 3rd party logistics company that has already made a name for itself when transporting various types of cargo in Canada. They have a fleet of carriers, which offers them great flexibility while negotiating deals. Their drivers are all well-trained and have a good reputation. They offer excellent service at a reasonable cost and good customer service. Moreover, their workshops work 24/7, all seven days of the week, to keep their vehicles running in the best condition. This means that there are hardly any delays due to breakdowns.

Final thoughts

Time is of the essence for supply chain and transporting services, but RIG logistics understands the importance of safety and security, unlike many other companies that may cut corners. They are proactive about the safety issues, and their approach means they get very few claims. They offer a 24/7 dispatch team that helps track weather, road constructions, etc., and keeps the drivers well-informed. You will be happy to choose them as your logistics partner because of their overall philosophy.


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