The Nikon School’s curriculum of online courses are designed to help any and all photographers learn new skills and stay inspired. Using classes taught by professional photographers and Nikon Ambassadors, students can master new skills, learn about different genres of photography, and discover new ways to pursue their passion.  

With the COVID-19 lockdown keeping most photographers inside, Nikon has decided to offer its entire Course Curriculum for free during the entire month! With just an e-mail and name, students can get instant access to the following streaming lessons:  

  1. Creator’s Mindset: Creating Video Content with Z 50
  Learn the ins and outs of shooting video with Nikon cameras. From people to products to vlogging projects, host Kitty Peters will discuss everything from lens choice and settings to tips and tricks.  
  1. Environmental Portraiture
  Learn hot to tells a story about using your subject and their environment. Join Host Joey Terrill to learn the basics of environmental portraiture, including how to select the right lens and how to properly define your subject’s space.  
  1. The Art of Making Music Videos
  Join musician and photographer Chris Hershman to learn the tips and techniques you need to step up your video production game. From simple concepts to advanced techniques, you’ll learn how to make music videos that are sure to impress.  
  1. Getting Started with Your Nikon DSLR
  The perfect introduction to one of the most popular cameras on the planet. Lean what you need to know to get started using your Nikon DSLR, so that you can leave quarantine ready to take amazing HD videos and photos.  
  1. Fundamentals of Photography
  Join Reed Hoffmann as you learn how to take your photography past the basics. Using hands-on demonstrations and many different DSLR features, this video will have you shooting at a pro level in no time.    
  1. Beyond the Fundamentals of Photography
  Take your photography even further with this advanced master class from Reed Hoffmann. From learning how to take more creative photos to mastering the skills it takes to get award-winning shots, this is the perfect class for anyone who feels they’ve run out of ways to improve.  
  1. Exploring Dynamic Landscape Photography
  There’s more to taking a picture than just snapping a photo. In this class, Taylor Glenn teaches you how to craft beautiful landscape photographs, focusing on the “making” of the photo, not just the “taking.”  
  1. Discovering Macro Photography
  Watch as Joey Terrill teaches you the techniques for taking amazing macro photographs of objects both large and small. See the world in a completely different way, then bring to life in your photos.

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