NexTraq GPS Fleet Tracking: advancing fleet tracking to the next level 

By / June 22, 2022

GPS fleet tracking Solution is a management software that most companies in the transportation sector use to monitor their drivers, equipment, and a fleet of vehicles. Such tracking software enables businesses to maintain their vehicle health, improve the safety of their drivers, increase fleet performance, and comply with all the necessary rules and regulations.

With numerous tracking software available, using the best GPS fleet tracking software like NexTraq GPS Fleet Tracking will enhance the safety level of your assets. Additionally, this GPS tracking system generates reports and data that enable fleet managers to make better decisions and improve fleet processes.


With headquarters in Atlanta, NexTraq GPS Fleet Tracking is one of the leading fleet management solutions that has been in the market for the past two decades. This Michelin company outshines its competitors due to its safety features as part of the standard agreement structure for tracking. While most fleet tracking services offer common safety features such as vehicle health maintenance and driver scorecards, NexTraq advances to the next level with its incredible services.

Along with the safety features, NexTraq provides access to live alerts and automated reports about the fleets. This software can also track your driver’s behavior, giving a better understanding of the overall safety of your vehicle fleets.


Being a comprehensive fleet management platform, NexTraq caters to the needs of a wide range of industries such as food and beverage, mining, oil, gas, home services, transportation, rental fleets, heavy equipment, and telecom services. Some of the useful features of this tracking software are:
  1. MobileBlock: This feature blocks the driver’s smart gadgets while driving to ensure the driver focuses on driving safely.
  2. Driver Safety Scorecard: Detailed reports concerning fuel-efficient driving and driving behavior will help the drivers remain accountable for their overall performance.
  3. Dashcam: Video evidence makes it easy to hold the driver accountable in case of any improper behavior, frauds, false claims, accidents, etc.
  4. Driver Awareness: With this feature's help, drivers must follow company policies while driving the vehicle. When the driver gets involved in aggressive breaking or harsh acceleration, an automated beep is used as a reminder for the driver to exercise caution.

  • Allows visual monitoring of drivers using dash cams.
  • Offers numerous driver training courses.
  • Easy to use and user-friendly software.
  • Provides extensive reports.

  • Most users claim the online support response is delayed.
  • To get a price quote, you must contact their representatives.
  • Lack of transparency regarding pricing.


NexTraq GPS fleet tracking system is compatible with most mobile devices and provides two different mobile apps. NexTraq Connect for the fleet drivers and NexTraq View for the fleet managers. In this way, fleet managers can get the fleet tracking data, driver safety, and vehicle alerts to make improved and educated decisions.

Final Thoughts

Though most GPS fleet tracking systems provide the basic driver safety features, the NexTraq system takes safety to the next level by providing advanced fleet tracking tools. In addition to monitoring the fleet performance using dash cams and driver scorecards, the system also provides unique features such as in-cab alerts. With this feature's help, fleet managers receive alerts when a driver blocks the mobile phone while the vehicle is in motion or gets involved in any dangerous behavior.

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