Nextdoor is a social network for a community of neighbors. This makes, talking to neighbors easy and making life easier. with next door, there are 161,000 neighborhoods that are connected. This is a private social network for a community and the best way to communicate with your neighbors creating a safer neighborhood. They discuss the stuff happening in society and solve social issues.
Local service and Recommendation can also be shared, people can also sell and only items which we do not need and benefits the entire neighborhood. By using this we can think and what is happening in your neighborhood. The best part of this app is it never shares personal information with third-party advertisers. All the information you put will always be private. How to join the NextDoor?
  1. Visit the website
  2. Next, enter the residential address and email address
  3. Find nearby area, if you have a next-door website on your neighbor
  4. Once you receive the invitation code, you can enter the code in the postcard from your neighbor, also you,
  5. Then the next step is to sign up
  6. Then the final step is the verification of the address.
By this, you can stay connected with your neighbors and also keep your information private at the same time.