JK Moving company: the most professional moving service in the USA

By / July 19, 2022

An entrepreneurial success story that started with Chuck Kuhn almost 40 years ago in the basement of his parent’s house has now grown to become the largest independent moving company in the nation. The company has come this far by striving to be the best and sticking to its core values of care and respect.

JK is now a global leader when it comes to relocation and logistics. It offers residential and commercial long-distance, international, and interstate moving apart from storage services.


JK is one of the few international companies that have received the FAIM certification from FIDI, a Federation of international movers. The company has its headquarters in Virginia and supporting offices in Maryland and Washington, D.C. The company’s main focus is on commercial moving and relocation but offers customers more than 30 special services.

They also help with government-associated moving and provide government-cleared moving crews with seamless services. Moreover, the company also enjoyed its eco-friendly status and received the Environmental Protection Agency’s Waste Winner Award in 2017.


JK moving company is licensed and insured to offer its services in all 50 states in the USA. They have an excellent record of residential and commercial moving and transporting.

  • JK carries out residential, commercial, military, and government moving and provides storage spaces. They are also used for long-distance and international moving services.
  • The company offers 3rd party move financing, vehicle moving, 24/7 customer service, and several storage options to its customers.
  • JK also offers three price estimating tools to its customers. Yembo is an Artificial Intelligence supported technology that customers can use to determine moving costs.
  • The company also carries out employee relocation services tailored to meet the expectations of both employers and employees.
  • They offer climate-controlled warehouse spaces that can reduce the distribution costs of their customers. JK also helps with managing storage and delivery for its customers.
  • The company offers two insurance choices; valuation coverage and full replacement valuation.


  • They are experts in relocating services
  • The company is both community and eco-friendly
  • Offer a variety of services for a seamless experience
  • A good record in delivering quality service on time and within budget
  • Their personnel is background-checked and continually trained
  • 24/7 live customer support


  • Costs are a bit on the higher side
  • Local moves outside of D.C. may be a bit complex


Long-distance, interstate, and international moving services are the strong points of the JK moving company. They do a great job when it comes to both residential and commercial moves. However, for residential customers, the services may seem a bit expensive. Their prices are on the higher side, but the quality of service is top class.

They offer various services to the customers, including decommissioning an office, furniture assembling and disassembling, warehousing, facility management, and much more. They are a moving company, but offering a host of services ensures that the customers have a smooth experience.

Final thoughts

Apart from the moving services, JK offers many optional services. The teams at JK are professionally trained to give the highest quality services to the customers. The warehouse facilities are under video surveillance and have climate control systems to keep the contents safe.

If you are looking to relocate either inside the USA or internationally, the JK moving company could be your best option. Check their AI-enabled software to get a good idea of the costs, or contact them and get a detailed quote. You will not be disappointed, and rest assured that the company will meet your expectations and deliver in style.
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