InterFulfillment – The Perfect Answer For Your 3PL Needs

By / May 21, 2022

As more and more businesses switch to trading online, the need for an effective eCommerce solution is on the rise. Over time, customers and businesses have come to realize how profitable and convenient online sales can be if they have a reliable third-party logistics company working with them. In Canada, the 3PL companies recognize this increasing demand for reliable and effective eCommerce solutions, thus leading to a boom in the number of such service providers.


Over the last few years, online sales have been steadily increasing, unlike retail sales. With the pandemic ensuring everyone stayed indoors, the need for online sales was on the rise. Not everyone was a big player in the market. Even the small players started selling online to boost their business as much as they could but did not have enough logistics providers.

InterFulfillment realized this opportunity in the market and started offering 3PL services for both big and small players. It enables you to set up an account in less than a day’s time and ship out as many or as few products as you want.


InterFulfillment offers a variety of logistics solutions to its customers that enables them to focus on business and growth, instead of worrying about how to sell or transport their goods to the customers. They provide the following services –
  • Order Fulfillment– If you sell a product to your customer through your normal distribution channel, InterFulFillment will pick up the product from your location, pack it as per your needs and deliver it to your customer on or before the date promised for delivery.
  • Flexible Timely Service– They cater to specific needs, and are flexible to accommodate a variety of needs and demands. They will process your order the same day and process it from one of their 3 warehouses located strategically across all of Canada.
  • Excellent Warehousing Services– Once they pick your product, it needs safe and careful handling. InterFulFillment has a team of well-experienced warehousing experts, to ensure your orders and products are well taken care of like it’s one of their own orders.
  • No long-term contracts
  • Order volume is flexible and scalable
  • Setting up an account requires a day, Well experience with warehouse supervisors
  • Trained warehouse associates
  • Associates are vetted before employment
  • Supervisors work alongside associates
  • Process orders the same day
  • 3 warehouses strategically located across Canada
  • Certified 3PL NPN provider
  • State-of-the-art customer portal
  • Can export order data to Microsoft Excel
  • Real-time order status and tracking information.

Offers service only in Toronto and Vancouver.


InterFulFillment is one of the leading order fulfillment centers in Canada. They are quick to respond and easy to reach and use. The lack of long-term contracts enables even small or upcoming businesses to avail their services and reach customers from various locations.

Final Thoughts

Be it a small shipment or a large shipment, you can always reach out to InterFulFillment. They will handle any size of the order for any period without any requirements that can lock you with them for a fixed time period. InterFulFillment does not act like a 3rd party handling your products or sales. They act like one of your team members, taking active care about the safety of products and delivery timings. It can be a great option to meet your eCommerce needs.
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