What Kinds of Jobs are Available?

Across the US, Halliburton has around 400 jobs they need to fill. This week alone, they posted dozens of new jobs, from mechanics, equipment operators, IT experts to office staff. All jobs and hiring fairs are posted at the end of this article.

More About Halliburton:

Halliburton was established in 1919 and has become a leading provider of services and products to the energy industry worldwide. They employ around 50,000 people from 140 different nationalities and operate in about 70 countries. For the reservoir's lifecycle, they provide services to the upstream oil and gas sector, which includes pinpointing hydrocarbons and the management of geological data. They also provide evaluation for drilling and formation, construction of wells, completion and production optimization.
Oilfield Job

Halliburton Job Opportunities:

Halliburton is committed to enhancing their employees and communities social and economic well-being in the areas they operate. In the communities where they live and work, Halliburton aims to make a positive impact and to be a preferred employer. The main reason why Halliburton is able to lead, innovate, grow and achieve is due to its people. They offer rewarding careers, embrace employee diversity and keep up a positive working atmosphere and as a result, they attract and keep the best employees. They invest in their staff via competitive salary offers, health benefits, work-life plans, and incentive and reward offers. They develop the proper technologies using the right people, which results in innovative solutions to the sector, and those employees are valued as a competitive advantage that is unrivaled.

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