GPS Trackit GPS Fleet Tracking: Simplifying fleet tracking for you 

By / May 6, 2022

GPS fleet tracking system is a combination of hardware tools and software that allows businesses to track and record detailed information about fleets, including driver safety and performance, vehicle health, fuel optimization, and much more. By using reputable GPS Fleet tracking software like GPS Trackit, businesses can manage their overall fleet performance and make sure that their assets remain safe and secure.


By providing exceptional reporting, the GPS Trackit Fleet tracking system is an incredible fleet management solution that offers low-cost telematics features for small business entrepreneurs. It offers one of the best values in the market due to its flexible service offerings and low monthly costs.

GPS Trackit provides users with a contract structure and online transparency concerning price quotes, monthly services, and a money-back guarantee. Businesses who want to evaluate their drivers' performance can get driver reports that provide details about safety compliance and productivity. The software also enables users to customize alerts to notify the drivers about poor driving habits such as harsh braking, engine idling, and speeding.


GPS Trackit provides users with unlimited live training and comprehensive fleet tracking features. In order to access these incredible features, you’ll have to either opt for plug-and-play gadgets or hardwired tools. Some of the notable features of this fleet management software include:
  1. Hardware and installation: it provides two hardware options – advanced hardware and OBD II port device hardware. The advanced hardware is easy to install on your own.
  2. Fuel performance: The software allows you to make the most out of your fuel consumption by analyzing and optimizing the fleet of vehicle’s routes. In addition, you can analyze a driver’s behavior to ensure that they use the fuel efficiently by preventing engine idling.
  3. Safety: The concerned managers can view and analyze various factors by providing multiple safety reports concerning the fleet. The reporting feature provides reports on driver’s safety, vehicle health, speed, vehicle diagnostics, and onboard temperature.

In addition to the above features, GPS Trackit offers various financing options, a lifetime hardware warranty, and a money-back guarantee of 30 days.

  • You can customize reports and alerts.
  • Provides automated reporting.
  • Month-to-month pricing allows users to cancel the plan at any time.
  • Provides live weather and traffic reports.
  • No long-term contract requirements.

  • Monthly charges do not cover hardware installation.
  • Has limited mobile app features.
  • Refresh time takes up to 30 to 60 seconds.


GPS Trackit allows fleet managers to monitor their fleet with the help of tracking reports that get updated every 60 seconds. Reports are available on a wide range of fleet data, enabling businesses to use those insights and optimize fleet performance and efficiency. Users can further automate the reports to access information in real-time to make the reporting process much easier.

Final Thoughts

To make the most out of fleet tracking software, it is essential to get a wide range of data and reports that provide information about your fleet. Though most companies provide standard reports, with GPS Trackit, you can customize your reports to highlight the specific data points your business considers valuable. In this manner, you get to stay one step ahead in being informed about your fleet tracking and receive the automated reports at the frequency that suits you best.

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