Dovetail – Get more professional and profitable with a strong digital partner 

By / July 3, 2022

Are you ready to open vast opportunities in your area? While the software provides all the solutions, you can become more productive and efficient in your services. This software has allowed dental practitioners to take their business to more profitability and success. At the same time, the patients are getting easy reports and a clear understanding of all the data. Thanks to Dovetail for emerging into the industry as a very profitable solution.

About Dovetail

Dr. Pietro Di Battista, D.D.S., M.S.D., founded Dovetail a few years back when he struggled to manage his files. The Founder was once overburdened with operational activities and had no time for his family. Then he decided to help himself and the other dentist community. Then he hired a team of developers and others who helped each other and came up with the all-in-one best software, Dovetail.

This software is helping him and other organizations to manage their activities more efficiently and increase their revenue. As long as they are not overburdened and don't have to cut their family time to spend long hours in the office for work, they can work from anywhere on the phone.

The mission of Dovetail was to provide dental professionals with smart clinical software that can take care of all the data and other tasks electronically.


Various activities it can perform is

  • Patient engagement - it provides medical history to track all types of alerts, medication, and allergy details of the patient.
  • Patient data management - store patient data in the cloud. So there is no requirement to find data in files; all the data is stored in one place, and you can find it with one click.
  • Treatment plan management - patients can easily check and access their treatment plan.
  • Patient referral - easy track for all the patients and their referrals to check the organization's performance.
  • Appointment management - patients can easily manage their appointments and can get online slips for appointments.
  • Paperless invoicing - can get and take payments paperless.
  • File management and Data Reporting - all the data is easily managed on the cloud and can be taken out when required.


  • Smart software with an interactive interface - can perform all tasks electronically with a fast response rate.
  • Good customer support to help you with using the software and understanding it.
  • Cloud-based storage to safely secure data for its users only.
  • Ability to work paperless with less documentation
  • Easy management for patients to schedule appointments, connect with doctors and get automatic appointment confirmation.


  • Charting is a little different and hard to understand.
  • Custom reporting is not a proper way and can be modified.

Bottom line

Dovetail is the best in the interface, easy access, price, modern features, advanced cloud technology, and much more. It is rated top among the EHR solutions for all types of dental offices. So whether you are a small to large organization or an endodontist to surgeons, you can easily use this software. This software also offers you various options for subscribing. Besides, it provides online support training and remote access on mobile, Mac, and other devices.
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