Dawson Law Group: Dedicated to Pushing All Boundaries 

By / July 6, 2022

You might have tons of questions when injured in an accident. How to cover the medical expenses? How to get a fair settlement from the insurance company? You don’t have to face these difficult and stressful times alone. Dawson Law Group is the best choice if you’re looking for a leading personal injury law group in Portland, Oregon.

Having a well-experienced legal advocate fighting on your behalf makes all the difference when it comes to personal injury cases. The attorneys at Dawson have helped numerous clients get back on track with their life after accidents.


Dawson Law Group was established in 1970 by the attorney Larry Dawson in Portland. In 1999, Brian W Dawson, Larry’s son, joined the firm and showcased an incredible legal career by representing the clients. The team represents personal injury clients from all places nearby and strives hard to provide a speedy outcome in getting personal loss claims.

At Dawson, the experienced and professional personal injury attorneys will assist you regardless of accidents. They ensure that the injured clients receive fair treatment under the law and get the compensation they deserve.


Being injured due to someone’s recklessness or negligence often puts people in a vulnerable place. While you are struggling to get back on track, you will be faced with huge medical expenses. Luckily, Dawson’s attorneys provide all the necessary legal assistance that clients require to get compensation from the at-fault party for damages. Some of the practice areas they specialize in are:

  1. Car Accidents: While dealing with car accidents, knowing all the legal procedures is essential. Dawson’s attorneys will not only gather evidence and investigate the accident but also assist clients in negotiating with insurance companies to get a fair settlement.
  2. Truck Accidents: When trucks collide with passenger vehicles, the crash can result in devastating injuries and fatalities. To get the compensation, the injured victims will have to face the trucking company and the insurance company. With extensive expertise, the lawyers at Dawson will help victims through the legal procedures to get justice.
  3. Motorcycle accidents: With increased motorcycle fatalities on the road, it has become a matter of concern for many. If you have been injured in a motorcycle incident due to another party's recklessness, you deserve the right to get compensated for the injuries. Dawson’s attorneys will do everything they can to fight for you and hold the concerned parties responsible for the losses incurred.

  • Provides free consultation with no added pressure.
  • They have decades of success in their bag regarding personal injury cases.
  • Can directly connect with the attorneys to resolve queries.
  • Experience staff who guides you through the entire process, leaving no stone unturned.
  • Professional in giving realistic expectations.

  • Some users claim the lack of transparency is a serious concern.
  • Clients reported they had to sign critical documents without review or approval.


Being in the industry for decades, Dawson law firm assures high-quality legal representation for all clients with personal attention to resolve issues. They also hold a track record of successfully handling numerous personal injury and wrongful death cases on behalf of the injured victims and their families.

Final Thoughts 

For every client, no matter what the personal injury case, the legal experts work relentlessly to seek justice. Whether small or large, the attorneys at Dawson Group have a broad range of expertise in solving even complex challenges.
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