Curve Dental Software: the best dental practice management solution

By / July 16, 2022

An excellent dental practice management software must provide the right tools to dentists and other related professionals and helps them manage their work and connects with their customers in a better way. Curve dental software is already very popular and offers software to more than 40000 dental professionals in the USA.

Curve’s cloud-based solution, Curve Hero, for scheduling, billing, charting, imaging, insurance claims, and much more can be the perfect management solutions for dental practices, big and small. Curve also offers an integrated Curve GRO patient engagement solution to simplify and streamline communications.


Retaining the old patients and attracting new ones is one of the most crucial parts of running a successful dental practice. Curve offers personalized patient engagement with a brilliantly designed user interface and experience. Cloud technology is much better than a software product, and Curve has teams that can help with the transition. Cloud access allows it easy for dentists or other related professionals to check on patients and work remotely. The software is well-designed and makes the features easy to use.


  • Curve offers hassle-free technology with automated updates for effective results
  • Offsite data storage is compliant with full HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).
  • Even after a catastrophe or theft, the practice and its information is secure
  • Billing, invoicing, faster payments, easy record keeping
  • It offers excellent uptime performance and has a better record than its competitors
  • Intelligent and real-time dashboards allow for greater operational choices

  • All the instructors are carefully screened before they train a dental practice team
  • Excellent customer service available 24/7
  • Possible to log in from any computer or phone makes it very convenient
  • Best software to use for multiple doctors in multiple locations
  • Imaging is available on the same software
  • Ease of use, set up, access, and communication
  • Visually aesthetic and well-designed screens
  • You can see patient information from anywhere

  • No electronic signature facility for patient files
  • No option for CBCT backup (Cone-beam computed tomography)

The curve is one of the few cloud-based software that has integrated imaging. The cloud-based aspect is especially good and allows better management of users’ access. The system is intuitive and very easy to learn. Transitioning from the earlier system to the cloud-based system is seamless, and the people at Curve will help you through the process.

A great feature of the software is the ability to see more than one location on one screen and work at both locations from a single point.

Wrap up

If you plan to change how you handle your operations at your dental practice, then opting for Curve dental software could be a great option. It may take a little bit of time initially, but sooner, the ease of use can outweigh the cost and efforts of putting a new system in place.

If you have more than one dental practice office, then using Curve can allow you to manage your practices in a better way. Scheduling, billing, recordkeeping, communicating with patients, etc., become easy with Curve dental software.
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