ClearPathGPS: Affordable Fleet Management Solutions

By / June 26, 2022

GPS fleet tracking lets businesses maintain real-time checks on their drivers and vehicles. Small business entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for transparent and affordable pricing when it comes to choosing the best GPS fleet tracking software. If you are price conscious and on a budget, ClearPathGPS is the best choice.


This affordable fleet tracking solution is equipped with incredible features and caters to the needs of businesses involved in the field service industries. Unlike their counterparts, they have their GPS tracking price listings put up online. This enables price-conscious fleet managers to compare and make choices without hassle. Some of the accessories they provide include:
  • Hardware tracking devices.
  • Solar-powered asset trackers.
  • Dual-powered asset trackers.
  • Plug and play.
  • Dash cams.

At ClearPathGPS, businesses have the freedom to choose the hardware they need based on their budget capacity instead of including the accessories in a hardware package plan.


Known as cloud-based software, ClearPathGPS enables you to track your fleet and is very easy to monitor. They strive hard to provide budget-conscious businesses with essential fleet management services. Since the company offers two GPS fleet tracking plans, customers need to know that not all services are available for the standard option. Some of the services they provide are:

  1. Hardware and Installation: The software offers a wide range of hardware options that require different installation setup requirements. With the help of supporting videos, you can install it in no time, even if you choose the advanced hardware types.
  2. Driver Safety and Performance: Similar to the other fleet tracking services, the software checks the driver’s behavior, such as engine idling and speeding. It also helps create virtual timecards by tracking each driver’s service hours.
  3. Fleet Maintenance and Optimization: While using the pro plan, fleet managers can analyze odometer and maintenance reports to check the vehicle's health and optimize fuel costs. It also provides International Fuel Tax Agreement reporting and temperature monitoring alerts.

  • Availability of multiple GPS tracking plans.
  • Suitable for budget-conscious fleet owners who need a comprehensive solution.
  • Offers a wide range of hardware options.
  • Provides ongoing onboarding training.
  • Complies with laws and regulations.

  • Customized service plans are not available.
  • Advanced fleet reports and alerts are available only for the high-tier plans.
  • Standard plans do not include real-time alerts.
  • Not suitable for fleets that are not part of the field service industries.


By choosing ClearPathGPS, you need not worry about any hidden fees or fluctuations costs attached. ClearPathGPS’s fixed costs will not empty your wallet and will make it much easier for you to allocate the amount each month from your budget. For standard packages, they charge monthly $20 per vehicle. For the pro plan option, they charge $25 per vehicle each month.

Wrap Up

With ClearPathGPS, you will not be stuck with long-term contracts, and they assure a 30-day money-back guarantee. They are the best choice for GPS fleet tracking service, as you won’t have to spend a fortune to track your fleet. It is apt for field service businesses looking for essential fleet tracking tools with transparent pricing attached.

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