Azuga fleet tracking system: End-to-end fleet management system

By / June 17, 2022

GPS fleet tracking systems boost improve driver security, optimize fleet functioning, preserve vehicle strength, and conform to law rules and regulations. The Azuga GPS fleet tracking system solutions keep your vehicles and drivers safe. Its advanced diagnostics make it easy for users to assess vehicle health very easily.


Not all tracking solutions are the same. Fleet management is beneficial but loses its impact if it is not used and operated correctly. Azuga advises its customers to look for a solution that suits their requirements. Azuga has offices worldwide with dedicated teams of people working hard to give customers the best in terms of services and products. The company takes a hands-on approach in every aspect of its operations and is always ready to assist customers.


  • Evaluation and assessment of the fleet are easy with this software. Driving scoring for more safety
  • With the Azuga fleet management software, users can address specific risk areas ranging from driver coaching to vehicle maintenance
  • Azuga also offers a fleet tracking app along with the fleet subscription. Fleet mobile has separate views for administrators and drivers, making the operation more efficient.
  • Fleet telematics solutions are focused on affordability and safety. It encourages deeper trust and better communication between the teams and with the customers.
  • Azuga is working with the government agencies to use the telematics data and improve how emission data, transportation taxes, and tolls are collected.


  • The plug-and-play GPS tracker takes a few minutes to install. It is also affordable
  • Users get a full view of the fleet after logging in.
  • Easy to navigate with no complex menus and choices
  • The mobile app is easy for drivers to log their trips and track their safety scores
  • The smart dashcams record two-way footage of incidents and offer clearer information

  • Azuga requires a 3-year contract
  • The refresh rate is still a bit slow, and there is a lag in the real-time videos


The Azuga fleet tracking management has several great features like driver rewards, allowing managers to send rewards to the drivers using FleetMobile with a tap. Azuga DriveSafe monitors the calls drivers make and receive while the vehicle is in motion. This helps in reducing distracted driving. Speed limits can also be tracked, and managers can easily check when and where speeding occurs. Customers can install the Azuga tracking system on their own and use it to run their business better with customized reports and features.

Final thoughts

The Azuga fleet tracking system has been awarded several times, and its customer support team has also been awarded for their excellent work. With Azuga, users can monitor fuel, labor, and repair expenses and cut costs. You can see how much time the drivers spend on the road and at each stop, making the operation more efficient. With the many features that Azuga offers, you can keep your fleet more on the road and less in the workshop. You would do well to choose Azuga fleet tracking management software for your business. You will be able to save costs and streamline the whole operation.

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