90 Classy and Very Simple Short Hairstyles That Are Suitable for Women Above 50

By / February 23, 2019

As we get older, we revisit our style in clothes as well as hairdos and this is quite normal because looking the same for more than a decade is very boring, outdated and unstylish. A woman will always remain a woman irrespective of her age. It is in her nature to change looks and experiment with styles. However, as years pass by, we desire more comfort, and short hair offers a perfect foundation for low-maintenance hairstyles that look stylish and not considered “old woman’s helmet-like hairdos.

Recommendations on Short Hairstyles for Women Above 50

Do you have to adhere to any particular rules while choosing hairstyles when you are above 50? The answer is partly yes. It is a general rule that if you want to look elegant and stately, you are highly advised to comb or brush your locks back, to open your face. Hairstyles that are excessively shaggy, may appear sloppy as well as awkward. Bangs are alright, they make you appear younger, however, you should keep them very neat, thin or moved to one side to prevent your forehead from being completely covered. If you give lighter hair hues a try, you will succeed in looking far younger than your age. Silver hair greatly improves the appearance of some older women. However, if silver hair does not improve your look, consider brown, blonde solutions or highlights.

If you are still not satisfied with what is stated above, you may adhere to the general rules on choosing hairstyles, i.e. bear in mind your hair texture and face shape Fine hair appears cuter when trimmed short and layered, whereas thick coarse tresses are better suited for elongated cuts. It is not compulsory to have them too long. Lisa Rinna ’s short-to-medium hairstyle is perfect for thick hair.
Classy and Simple Short Hairstyles Suitable for older women

Below are the best examples of short hairstyles that are suitable for older women, which you can find on the Internet.

#90: Blonde Pixie Cut

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Pixie cuts are popular with older women, because of the ease and playful style involved. Choppy layers make it possible to add dimension and texture to the classic cut. Texture helps maintain your youthfulness and makes it very fashionable.

#89 : Bouncy Bob for Women 50+

The expert layered cut is the only style which makes it possible to produce shape when women adopt short haircuts. If you feature straight hair, it is possible for you to add extra body to it by loosening the ends using a large barrel winding iron.

#88 : Mature Short Layered Cut

Short women haircuts are a perfect choice if you’re desirous of style that requires low maintenance. You need not to worry about reclaiming the lost hairstyles anymore. Moreover, the low cut is very fashionable and reveals that style is always to be considered first, irrespective of your age.

#87 : Wavy Gray Bob Which Has Bangs

To achieve a softer, more natural-looking cut, which will increase the volume of your fine hair, tell your stylist to give you a wavy bob. In case you ’re bold enough, combining this haircut with choppy bangs, and a vibrant gray hue will make you stand out in your environment as far as fashion is concerned.

#86 : Voluminous Gray Pixie Cut

In your older years, adopt the elegance of silvery strands. It’s a very attractive hue which millennials often adopt. To add more drama, you must tease those awesome feathered layers.

#85 : Angled Ash Blonde Cut

Older women often have their faces becoming softer as they age. Making an angled cut helps sharpen the curved edges and direct attention towards a pointed chin’s narrowness.

#84 : Layered Platinum Bob

Older women hairstyles can utilize gray hair for their benefit. If you want to adopt a platinum hairdo, the color completely masks any unpleasant gray, and there will be no need to worry about regular touch-ups. Jack up the volume using a few piecey layers. This produces movement, and you will be able to enjoy fully rocking your elegant feathered hair.

#83 : Rounded Bob with Stacked Nape

Rounded bobs are typical haircuts for mature women because they are loaded with sophistication and elegance. Build an admirable height near the crown of your head while blow drying using a round brush.

#82 : Pixie Undercut for Women Over 50

Pixies with an undercut reveal to us how admirable short hairstyles for women above 50 can be. Luscious waves make the edgy cut soft, giving the hairstyle a very fashionable look.

#81 : Choppy Blonde Pixie with Long Side Bangs

The pixie is among the most widely accepted older women short haircuts. The reason is that it incorporates texture as well as a tousled finish into thin hair. If you combine the pixie with long side bangs coupled with choppy layers, you will easily produce a style which is fun, easy to manage and youthful.

#80 : Angled Undercut Hairstyle

Women can adopt the traditionally male undercut in the same way that any man could. You can make it feminine by using a long, straight top, a blonde hue and ample highlights. To increase the volume so as to avoid the look of a page boy, tell your stylist to include subtle layers.

#79 : Long Curly Salt and Pepper Pixie

This style is ideal for textured fine hair. Worn in a natural salt as well as the coloring of pepper, curls appear fluffy and bouncy. You can enhance your youthfulness by leaving a framing strand for the long face on your forehead and styling using mousse or water-based wax products.

#78 : Short Voluminous Feathered Hairstyle

Feathered hairstyles produce soft, easy looks for short and effortless locks. They also introduce dimension to your hair and still allow easy maintenance. When you apply a cream for smoothening to your bed head, you will appear elegant for the remaining part of the day!

#77 : Layered Pixie with Textured Bangs

Who says older women cannot punk inspired hairdos? Simple but very attractive, the layered pixie which has textured bangs is very suitable for straight. Blend it with streaks of your preferred fun colors.

#76 : Airy Gray Pixie with Lots of Layers

For ladies that are struggling to make their hair luscious and colorful as they age gracefully, the style for you might be the airy gray pixie. It requires several layers to make your locks look stylish and funky. It also reveals your ears enough to allow some attractive earrings for smarter output.

#75 : Wispy Silver Bob

While bob is a simple haircut, there are several ways to add uniqueness to manifest your personal style. Make your haircut at a certain angle to introduce some drama. Then, enhance the volume by adopting loose, tousled curls. Emphasize your pleasant gray locks using a balayage which adds more depth to the haircut.

#74 : Pixie Bob with Nape Undercut

Among the older women haircuts, pixie bobs happen to be the most popular. Add some edge to your pixie cut using a nape undercut which creates spice and individuality. Make it formal in the front, and modern party in the back!

#73 : Gray Bob with Delicate Layers

Delicate layers help soften any bob and they appear more feminine when they are worn in a very clear, shiny gray. If you feature thin hair, this hairstyle is a perfect choice for you, because the white highlighted pieces offer enough dimension and complex appeal to your hairdo, which makes it fuller and elegant looking.

#72 : Feminine Shorter Hairstyle for Curly Hair

This is one of the most beautiful hairstyles for older women. It is a perfect choice for women who have truly wavy or curly tresses. Feminine, stylish and fashionable, it appears fabulous with any color, and complements the natural gray of your hair, and enables you to style it with ease.

#71 : Tapered Gray Pixie with Textured Crown

Short hair doesn’t place a limit on styling options. Adding a rough-textured crown to your pixie happens to be a simple but an effective way to make your cut look smart. This is very perfect for the environment of professional, tapered cuts appear especially vivacious in pepper and salt.

#70 : Pure Blonde Ambition

From Anne Hathaway’s and Audrey Hepburn ’s the pixie cut is a perfect choice for chic hair, it is very elegant with the appropriate level of nonchalance. A little update of the old hairstyle adds elegance. Try texture to incorporate a new twist to this fashionable crop. With fashionable highlights, shorter hairstyles adopted by older women easily become fashionable, without being faddish.

#69 : Choppy Gray Pixie

Short haircuts for women above 50 should appear fashionable to remove years from your looks. For example, this style possesses side bangs, textured layers near the crown, and a mildly defined taper. — customizations can totally alter the appearance of your tested and true pixie!

#68 : Short Messy Lilac Hairstyle

Don’t only discard the rulebook, set it on fire. Fun and fashionable hair is no longer meant for the young alone. Irrespective of your age now is the time to experiment as much as possible with a short haircut. Do away with your self-doubt jack up your style using pastel highlights.

#67 : Short Layered Blonde Hairstyle

Very short hair doesn’t make everyone look elegant. If you prefer long hair to short styles, maintain your haircut lengthier by using a fashionable pixie bob. A fashionable light color such as gray, platinum, or ash blonde will brighten up your face and will turn out to require low maintenance if you desire to conceal natural gray hair or you want to make it appear purposeful.

#66 : Edgy Pixie Bob

A good bob hairstyle is suitable for all time and all occasions. This shorter style blends the classy appearance of a bob with the edgy pixie cut. The end result is an excellent fashion. Invest in a very good flat iron because the styling will require a little time. You must make all the layers smooth.

#65 : One-Length Balayage Bob with Bangs

One can never be wrong when they adopt a one-length bob. Limited layers add a perfect shape to your cut. This is a short hair, which can be manipulated in different ways – straight, wavy, or curly A modern balayage color is going to make the style totally current.

#64 : Short Bob with Long V-Cut Layers

To create a very elegant and fantastic look, you can adopt a simple layered bob. Adding long V-cut layers incorporate body and texture and at the same time make the thick hair lighter.

#63 : Layered Tousled Salt and Pepper Bob

When your hair color appears like a mixture of gray and your natural hue, this is referred to as “salt and pepper.” It’s undoubtedly noticeable in tousled and layered bobs. Styled to appear effortless and messy, they are suitable for virtually every shape of the face and tone of the skin.

#62 : Textured Pixie with Highlights

A tailored pixie is the number one on the list of older women short haircuts. What makes this unique is the detailing. Observe the deep side part which links a fun bang plus the two coloring of the tone. The highlights are very rich in the front so as not to draw too much attention towards the face, then get sparser at the back to include some dimension.

#61 : Neat Side Fringe

Short haircuts are often made complete with long, medium, or short bangs. Any time you find yourself at the salon, ensure that you ask your hairstylist to give you a side-swept fringe. A mix of a layered short cut with this will easily slim and make your face look elegant.

#60 : Long Ash Blonde Pixie for Fine Hair

Resort to an ashier range of blonde to achieve a more subtle sensation which still carries as much impact as do bolder images. Fine hair benefits the most from a lengthier cut pixie which has short arranged layers in the back. You need not fear the grown in roots appearance. It makes your hair look thicker and enhances the visual impact!

#59 : Brown and Blonde Graduated Bob

Graduated haircuts are magnificent for mature ladies because they exude elegance as well as class. As we grow older, our hair has a tendency to become finer, therefore graduated locks provide the desired volume and appearance of fullness.

#58 : Feathered Back-Swept Crop

Nowadays, gray hair is becoming popular as never before, this means you can stick to the real color of your hair and flaunt it with pride. If your hair is somewhat thick, go for a feathered cut and design it with a root lift which gives the required air and volume. Short hairstyles for women above 50 years have never been more modern and attractive!

#57 : Silver Pixie for Fine Hair

Silver has recently turned into a fashionable color alternative for women of all ages. We should credit our beautiful mature ladies for being this fad founding mothers. The cool tone emphasizes the blue eyes and blends well with all manner of haircut styles.

#56 : Blonde Balayage Bob Which Has Angled Layers

Angled layers incorporated into older women short hairstyles produce definition and edge which in turn offer a totally fresh and youthful essence! It’s significant to seek the guidance of a professional stylist with respect to how to design your cut, to enable you to show off your fashionable balayage bob.

#55 : Short Choppy Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Thick hair can sometimes be very difficult to maintain and style on a daily basis. The low haircuts for women above 50 that work best with thick, rough hair happen to be those that are choppy. These cuts might be a little less fashionable than others, they’re much easier to care for and manage.

#54 : Jaw-Length Bob with Layers for Fine Hair

A jaw-length cut, which is more universal than an average bob makes different styling options possible. This hairstyle creates the best visual results if left natural; however, it’s very good to have the option of curling the front pieces for more formal occasions. Combine with glasses to produce a smart, classy daily look.

#53 : Asymmetrical Silver Pixie

How do you convert a simple pixie cut to a head-turning style? Make it irregular. This unexpected shape easily adds an elegant twist and drama. It’s a perfect option to show off your cheekbones. Combined with a very rich metallic color and adopt the fashionable silver fox of the type you see in the mirror.

#52 : Playful Blonde Curls

Loose waves, tight curls, no matter what the mix is, don’t allow your natural style to die. Crop your hair into layers to motivate your natural root lift to locate its own direction. The entire curly women short haircuts require a little assistance in the definition department, therefore, buy a smoothing serum to achieve that extra attitude.

#51 : Short Layered Hairstyle for Thick Hair

If you have a thick mane, your best choice will be textured layers. They don’t only make your life easier with respect to the regular washing/ time required for styling, they also offer an excellent texture and basic structure to the cuts.

#50 : Lovely in Lavender

Make use of white hair to your benefit. It provides a great background for the softest pastel colors without any need for the tedious effort of toning and bleaching. Produce fullness using wispy fringe and short feathered layers to achieve a funky and fun style.

#49 : Choppy Pixie with Tapered Nape

To achieve an unusual yet modern hairdo for short hair, request your stylist to give you a choppy tapered pixie cut. This taper slowly makes your tresses’ length shorter from your head top to your neck’s nape. Although it is one of the shortest haircuts, it can add elegance to your look.

#48 : Chic Chocolate Layers

Many people are of the opinion that the babylights technique, which involves very fine, delicate highlights being woven throughout, is only for blonde hair. However, it can truly work for any color if you make the highlights some shades lighter than the foundation The outcome is the natural-looking shimmer such as the one in the photo.

#47 : Voluminous Classic Cut

Begin with a fashionable short cut. This is an attractive way to wear some of the older women hairstyles which will never appear too stuffy or boring. With a little product and a hair-dryer, it is possible for you to create a flirtatious and fresh, short hairdo that is suitable for any age.

#46 : Cropped Gray Pixie Which Has Swoopy Bangs

A pixie is a fashionable hairstyle and a cut that is appropriate at all times and for all occasions. Tailor yours to be in line with your personality and facial features The long side-swept bangs produce the amazing cheekbones and funky frames.

#45 : Pixie for Women Over 50

Pixies are some of the most popular women, short hairstyles. They are best suited for women who have slim faces because they reveal high cheekbones. Cropped cuts have proved to be perfect for older females as they offer texture for strands meant for limp thinning.

#44 : Short Ruffled Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights

Wavy and curly hairstyles provide movement when softening facial features. This is very crucial to women who are concerned about wrinkles or fine lines. Doing away with rigid cuts and styles helps you look younger.

#43 : Honey Blonde Layered Bob Which Has Short Back

Older women hairstyles are often full of layers. The varying lengths increase the volume and boost texture. For you to look very attractive in honey blonde use texturizing sprays to add grain and keep the luster of locks by employing shine sprays.

#42 : Silver and Sophisticated

Silver hair looks very attractive in very short styles because it appears cool and fashionable at the same time. To produce depth, add a dark charcoal color at the bases.

#41 : Over 50 Pixie Which Has Lots of Piece-y Layers

A more conventional cut for women above 50 may be a perfect choice if they are in favor of the classic style. Remember to display all the piece-y layers by emphasizing them using highlights!

#40 : Ruffled Pixie

Short edgy pixie which has highlighted ends is very easy to style and it looks fabulous in day-to-day wear. In addition, it’s an excellent coloristic pattern for brunettes’ gray hair. This hairdo will make you look much younger, brighter and fresher.

#39 : Volume and Shagginess

Raquel Welch is irresistible. Her edgy voluminous shag features excellent texture and perfect choice of hair hues. A good lift at the bases and layers of flicks for very thick hair are all it takes to produce this fabulous effect.

#38 : Gorgeous Feathered Look

This hairstyle creates fabulous volume and fun texture near the crown with tapered sides, and the back form this very short hairstyle with a beautiful feathered finish. It bears exactly the right amount of sassiness required to make an impression of an active and modern lady, is that you?

#37 : Burnt Orange Bob Which Has Highlights

A bob cut is good for all times, it’s elegant and classy. It’s a good solution for transition from long locks to shorter hairstyles that are, however, not extremely short. Couple it with thin bangs and try illusive highlights for a perfect appearance.

#36 : Soft Auburn Look

This is a layered chin-length haircut that is combed back to open the contours of the face. Backcombing near the bases and nonchalant bangs, touching the forehead, perfect this sweet look.

#35 : Short Wispy Style for Fine Locks

Fine tresses appear thicker when cut short. If you adopt brown blonde coloristic solution such as this and gentle backcombing, you’ll add more volume to your short tresses. Dress them backward to achieve a gorgeous or an elegant look with a little bit of carelessness.

#34 : Sassy Pixie

Sharon Stone shows one of the most inspiring examples of short hairstyles which are fashionable, stylish and very acceptable to women above the age of 50. This rough-texturized pixie is improved upon by putting some thick nonchalant spikes on top. I strongly recommend this to women who have oval faces and symmetrical facial features.

#33 : Two-Tone Spiky Short Haircut

If you desire not to embrace your grays, there is nothing wrong that! Be bold by using a two-tone pixie: a brunette bottom and a blonde top Mix a few darker lowlights with the crown so as to add dimension and elegance.

#32 : Short and Simple for Women Over 50

When you retire from an active service, you may want a hairstyle which requires little effort and does not you to go frequently to the salon. Short layers are going to keep the shape of the haircut as the hair grows out. What is more, it doesn’t demand much maintenance in the morning, you only need to brush it and you are good to go.

#31 : Short Curly Hairstyle

Display your curls using an undercut. If you adopt a warm hue, make use of highlights to bring out the color and emphasize the texture. Do you want to learn how to achieve this look yourself? It’s as easy as a wash and goes. To enhance the pattern of the curl, tousle your ringlets by using some product.

#30 : Spiky Gray Pixie Cut

Several short hairstyles for women above 50 demand long styling time. In order to keep your very low and manageable with effortless styling, adopt a spiky pixie. Just ensure you have on the ground a styling wax to separate as well as define the shortest layers. You can soften your look by using the sweeping bang and only little maintenance is involved.

#29 : Classy Slanted Blonde Bob

Try simple and fashionable short hairstyles for women above 50, slanted bob is a perfect example. Often referred to as the angled bob, it is a highly fashionable haircut. It has been established that it works best for women who have naturally straight hair because the angle is made better if your locks are made smooth. However, it is also possible to style the slanted bob curly, wavy, or rough-textured for versatility.

#28 : Short Wavy Inverted Bob

Women’s bobs come in different sizes and shapes and the inverted bob is a hairstyle of choice for all categories of women. It differs from the classic bob depending on the technique used by your hairstylist to arrive at this style. It involves piling layers at the back and slowly extending lines towards the front in order to produce a unique, low-maintenance shape that is suitable for those who have natural wavy tresses.

#27 : Voluminous Two-Tone Cut

Adding short layers near the crown of the head is necessary to increase the volume of your cut. This is particularly useful for ladies who have a round face because the height is going to make the overall shape longer. The addition of some thick contrasting colors to the sides visually makes the volume on top balance.

#26 : Salt and Pepper Voluminous Cut

Mixing shades of silver and black give the wearer a natural-looking and yet gorgeous style. Enhance this palette using an elegant short bob which features lengthy feathered layers. Incorporate a little bit of root lifting mousse into wet hair and blow-dry it towards the back using a round brush for the added volume and polish.

#25 : Gray Hair Which Has High Layers

When you are browsing through hairstyles suitable for older women, let your focus be on those which will not make the face appear too severe. As we become older, our features get sharper, particularly on slim women. Layers in numerous different lengths styled away from the face are going to help add movement plus soften facial features. Jane Fonda is one of the icons often seen parading such a classy style.

#24 : Chic Blonde Pixie Bob Over 50

This is the mom-that-has-it-all-together hairdo. That’s the perfect way to describe this hairdo. It is a very complex hairdo because it is all encompassing — it is long, has sweeping strands close to the face, the stacked bob back, and short pixie layers at the crown, to achieve an excellent result!

#23 : Short Bob with Feathered Layers

Feathering is another process of updating short haircuts for women. Decrease the stiffness of a rigid cut by using razor-cutting tools as well as by choosing subtle shades such as the forgiving pepper and salt which are not harsh near your face.

#22 : Short Asymmetrical Bob

Guess it would be awesome to update your traditional bob? Experiment with a trendy irregular style. This option works perfectly with fine, straight hair and it can be used to attract attention towards your beautiful jawline.

#21 : Messy Salt and Pepper Pixie

Hollywood celebrities are regularly seen parading a messy pixie. However, you need not be a movie or a pop star to adopt this innovative hairstyle. The easy-to-manipulate color palette gives room for a funkier result without sewing over the top.

#20 : Layered Bob for Fine Hair

Our hair often begins to thin as we grow older. When we look at the images of low haircuts for women above 50, we will notice that layers are common features. The piled lengths immediately increase the volume of the style. This happens to be a blessing for women who have fine hair.

#19 : Messy Pixie Bob

The pixie bob is among the most fantastic short haircuts if you desire some length to toy with. The piled layers at the back are not difficult to manage, and the lengthy pieces in the front make your face look very nice. Style to achieve a crisp finish or waves for a bed head appearance.

#18 : Platinum Pixie Cut

Mature women have a unique advantage of rocking platinum pixie cut and still looking totally natural. Such a striking color is capable of really standing on its own without variation of shade. The cool tones will highlight the workmanship which goes into the cut.

#17 : Pixie Bob Which Has Blonde Babylights

Babylights are highlights which are not loud and incorporate a sun-kissed look into your coloring. They lift the layers on the top to prevent the style from appearing flat. This is a technique which can be employed in all older women short hairstyles and it’s particularly useful if you feature fine hair.

#16 : Silver Bob Which Has Hint of Purple

A side-parted bob which sweeps across the forehead is very perfect for framing the face particularly on women which have glasses. This tailored cut happens to be the perfect foundation for a surprising pop of color. The addition of thin streaks of purple to a head of silver hair produces a gorgeous output.

#15 : Messy Pixie Which Has Chunky Highlights

A pixie which has a messy finish is an excellent way for women who have straight hair to get some movement. What is more, it demands low maintenance when compared with other short styles. Dry it quickly, add some styling wax, then you are good to go. Chunky highlights will help add drama and emphasize the different directions of your locks.

#14 : Gray Pixie for Thick Hair

Low haircuts for older women who have thick hair feature lots of volume and texture. You can even go shorter without appearing flat.

#13 : Blonde Bob with Bangs

Pop culture is characterized by taking things such as dad hats and keeping them cool. Next is the mom bob. Low haircuts that were once the styles of busy moms who are always on-the-go are now adopted by women of all ages. A perfect mix of brown and ash blonde tones makes them highly fashionable.

#12 : Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

Meryl Streep redefined the irregular bob in “The Devil Wears Prada” as the short length paired with a sweeping exaggerated bang screamed chic and was not off-limits for the mainstream. There are several excellent pictures of this exact style hanging around, so pick some and take them to your stylist and adjust it and make it your own.

#11 : Sassy and Stacked

Stacked hairstyles are excellent for women above 50 for two reasons. First, placing several short layers atop each other will enable you to achieve a sizeable bump. Second, they give a youthful and modern edge to simple bob cuts.

#10 : Straight Bob Which Has Bangs

Modern women short haircuts have never failed to deliver the excellent style for women of all ages. If you are older, let these styles be on your radar. They are fashionable, sophisticated, as well as age-defying.

#9 : Stacked Bob Which Has Bangs

The stacked bob provides the perfect height for your hair. The bangs balance the narrow length at the back, and caramel highlights give warmth to the brunette color. The chocolatey hue oozes out a youthful style which cannot be resisted.

#8 : Dark Brown Cut That Works

Any time you go to your hairstylist, tell her to give you added texture. The reason is that it is not only cool, it’s also wearable. It’s both daring and youthful without a tendency to be outrageous. Also, it’s interesting and modern and it does not require much maintenance. Professionals have suggested mussing a pixie cut using your fingers following a shower to obtain the right texture as well as some root lift.

#7 : Pixie Bob Which Has Soft Blonde Highlights

As a face becomes older, it is significant to let the hair blend well with its changing complexion. Making the silhouette soft and adopting a low hairstyle for a woman is the solution to neutralize the small effects of old age. Experiment with diffusing harsh blocks of your low hairstyle in a solid color which has layers of warmth as well as delicate dimensional colors for a fresh spin on the pixie.

#6 : Purple Haze Update

Hair unavoidably turns gray after a particular age, and the best thing is to use the silver wave to your advantage rather than fight it. However, there’s no need to completely adopt gray and then live with it forever. Your natural gray hair can be used for making your locks and you will no longer need to bleach your hair to show color. Therefore, you can try a light pastel shade using technicolor highlights.

#5 : Perfect Blow-Out

Boring women short hairstyles are no longer in vogue. Improve on your classy blonde bob using the flick of a surprising color. Be elegant using a double-take purple streak. You can also improve on your pixie using a little bit of pink.

#4 : Gray Pixie for Over 50

Below is a wash-and-go hairstyle which everyone will fall in love with. It doesn’t even require any products for styling! Straight hair of moderate thickness coupled with a triangular or an oval face shape happens to be the requirements to put on this hairstyle.

#3 : Black Choppy Pixie Which Has Red Bangs

You don’t need to commit the whole head to a bright color, you only need to incorporate a few colorful peek-a-boo highlights into your bangs to add an edge to your typical short hairstyle.

#2 : Carol Brady Inspired Hairdo

This is a perfect example of a short haircut for women inspired by the TV icon, Carol Brady. Her mock mullet is a general knowledge. Although that may not be stylish enough, it works perfectly for older ladies. There are several layers plus volume on top which taper towards the beautiful feathers, that cover the nape.

#1 : Sleek Gray Bob

Use the gray plus a subtle balayage which adds dimension to your strands. The attractive coloring will emphasize the high and low notes of your hair. If you pair that with a smooth bob, you will be a bonafide silver fox.

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