82 Superlative Modern Hairstyles and Haircuts for Women Above 50

By / February 23, 2019

When you attain a certain age, you ask yourself, “ How can I upgrade myself to look fairly youthful, decent, up-to-date and respectable?" Women who are becoming old gracefully and desire to have a modern look always admire every individual around them, especially women. Your hairstyle goes a long way in determining your image, so you have to reconsider your options very carefully so that you will be able to select styles that will endear you to all and sundry. Older celebrities such as Lisa Rinna, Sharon Osbourne, Kris Jenner, Kim Besinger, Madonna, and a host of others are epitomes of how attractive you should look when you are above 50.

Inclinations in Hairstyles for Women Above 50
Many women consider the golden age as the age when they can start to enjoy life to the fullest. Being above 50 does not prevent you from choosing any good styles or doing good things that you have done before. A woman will always be a woman irrespective of her age. Therefore, your favorite graded cut, bob, or pixie remains with you as they are suitable for all times. Another important thing is that the older you get, the simpler should your styles become. Always say yes to clean cuts that will make your face always radiant. Bangs make women look younger. So, if you usually wear bangs, keep it up! Go for the wispy bangs which extend to your eyebrows, like Lisa Rinna, or Kris Jenner styles or soft side waves bangs like those of Kathy Hilton.
If you have fine hair, you should try cheeky pixie hairstyles or a short-to-medium type of a bob haircut. Thick hair looks amazing in layered medium and you can experiment with an extra short pixie or long bobs, which may be straight, wavy or curly tresses.
Gray hairs happen to be a common problem among women who are above 50. It is easier to maintain lighter tones and this explains why the majority of older women take to caramel hues or blondish. Conversely, darker intelligent shades, including dark chocolate, auburn, and burgundy, are also in vogue. Highlights for women above 50 are usually not loud, only 1 or 2 tones lighter than the major color. So, try as much as possible to guard against transitions of hues that are too drastic. This is to ensure that you look modern and elegant.

Hairstyles That Are Suitable for Women Above 50

Below are 80 awesome hairstyles which you can adopt to make you look elegant for the year 2018 and beyond.

#82: Medium Layered Haircut

This amazing cut, which consists of distinct layers and silent honey highlights looks awesome on fair complexions. In order to achieve an impeccable style, your longest locks have to graze the shoulders, and the top layers must be cut gradually shorter. In addition to the fact that this hairdo looks fantastic, it is also very easy to maintain –it makes the look complete with side-swept bangs in front and styles the tips with a circular brush.

#81: Short Auburn Bob with Layers

If you want to adopt a layered bob, ensure that it is done in such a way that it reveals your dynamic cut. The manner in which these shorter layers are brushed back and set produces a cool type of feathered hair.

#80: Medium Layered Hairstyle with Bangs

Nowadays, the majority of the stylists are of the view that age has no influence on the choice of hairstyle. You are free to adopt any hairstyle which adds elegance to your face, personality and hair type. However, it is important to point out here that fairly voluminous short or medium hairstyles look better on women aged 50 or above than sleek ones. This style, which makes use of soft highlights is a very beautiful example.

#79: Sleek Blonde Bob with Elongated Front

A woman in her golden age who desires to keep her hair within the short to the mid-length range can opt for a very attractive long bob. For women who have round face, an irregular angled bob is a perfect complement because it adds structure and enhances your overall look. Make your layers long towards the front & make them blend perfectly with the remaining hair.

#78: Straight Blonde Bob with Bangs

A bob is a classic hairdo which is suitable for all ages. It is about finding the appropriate shape, color, and length, which enhance your look. The addition of a fringe and a few soft highlights around your face is a perfect option to test out.

#77: Medium White Blonde Feathered Hairstyle

Medium-to-short hairstyles for women above 50 can be enhanced by incorporating tactically cut layers. If your hair is fine, and thin, feathery layers would be a perfect step in giving your mane more volume and lift. This style, which is very popular among women who are above 50, can help maintain your youthfulness, and it’s very easy to maintain.

#76: Hairstyle with Feathery Layers and Nape Undercut

Keeping short and tidy hair is extremely beneficial for older women who find it difficult to maintain longer locks. In order to keep some amazing volume, cut stacked, feathered layers which are then combined with sweet side bangs.

#75: Brown Blonde Layered Hairstyle

Take a look at how these layers fall. It appears as if it is a difficult style, but it is not. Request your hair stylist to remove a few feathered layers present in your hair. While blow-drying your mane, flick a round brush from the ends to the back. Conclude with hairspray.

#74: Soft Curly Blonde Bob

Go for a style which is appropriate for the l texture of your tresses. Women with wavy or curly hair would benefit from something of this nature. This wash-and-go style makes your hair lie the way you want it without becoming messy.

#73: Mid-Length Hairdo Which Has Bangs

#72: Medium Blonde Balayage Hairstyle with Dynamic Layers

Sometimes longer hair does not make women above 50 look elegant, especially if their locks are too thin. Despite this, do you still desire long haircuts? Would like to choose something attractive for your fine hair? Here is a style that features the appropriate layering and reveals that long to medium hairstyles for women can be fantastic, especially those which go only a few inches beyond the shoulders.

#71: Blonde Cropped Hairstyle

The fact that you are middle-aged does not mean your hairstyle should not be fun! There are many things you can do to enhance medium hairstyles when you attain a golden age, so experiment with sassy layers and new highlights. You ’re not too old to add elegance to your style!

#70: Short Crop with Side Bangs

The right cut appears good from all angles. You cannot see the back of your style, but others can. A style which elegantly narrows towards the neck via feathered layers produces a thicker head of hair.

#69: Platinum Balayage Bob with Flicked Ends

Short haircuts for women above 50 are in vogue for a reason. There exist several haircut styles which you can pick from. When choosing your favorite short hairstyle, you must try something cropped short at the back which has longer bangs.

#68: Medium Hair with Sweeping Layers

Nowadays, hairstyles for women above 50 can blend easily with your natural grays in very fashionable color jobs. Make use of the balayage technique to mix gray with browns or darker blondes. Cut in long layers which produce soft movement across your hairdo.

#67: Over 50 Medium Curly Hairstyle with Bangs

#66: Short Layered Ash Blonde Hairstyle

Nothing is wrong with an air-dried style, but the one which is styled by using a brush often has an advanced polish. These layers are slowly brushed back off the face in order to add a little bit of movement.

#65: Choppy Bronde Pixie

With a medium length of hair, you are at liberty to make natural curls fall freely on your shoulders. Use long layers together with light blonde highlights to tie the style together so as to make the curls look more dimensional. Couple your ringlets with a point-cut fringe to achieve the classic shag vibe of the 1970s.

#64: Mid-Length Hairstyle with Overlapping Layers

#63: Short Piece-y Crop

Layers can look great with shorter hairstyles and ditto with longer styles. However, it’s significant to understand how to make the layers suit your specific hair texture. Smooth layers used in a long pixie meant for straight hair produce the correct form of the cut and bring about perfect smoothness as well as evenness in the final look.

#62: Reverse-Ombre for Short Grey Hair

Classic pixie style is among the best haircut styles suitable for women who love to maintain a cropped haircut. Women that have thick hair can truly adopt a pixie cut, and to prevent your hair from becoming too puffy and uncontrollable, use choppy layers.

#61: Medium-Length Golden Bob

#60: Short-to-Medium Hairstyle with Layers

If you want to adopt mid-length styles, it’s necessary to add flow and movement to your cut. Overlapping layers produce an awesome wave-like effect. This haircut is easy to treat, therefore, you will not spend much of your precious time looking in the mirror.

#59: Shoulder-Grazing Wispy Cut

A sleek crop looks very nice, and piecey ones are very sophisticated. Separate the various layers in your hair using some styling gel or mousse. This gel enhances texture, marks where your layers end and produce a completely cool, shining look.

#58: Warm and Wavy Lob

Traditional ombre styles begin dark at the bases and fade towards the ends, however, the reverse of this, that is, fading from light to dark provides a complete brighter appearance, together with great depth. This kind of color combo is an awesome hair color option suitable for those who do not want to have gray hair all over their head because the dark contrast assists in maintaining a youthful edge.

#57: Short Feathered Bronde Bob

Whenever the majority of people think about hairstyles for women above 50, they have an assumption that you must sacrifice color and length. This golden blonde bob proves this category of people wrong. The bright-blonde balayage coupled with a sleek, voluminous bob produce a chic and elegant vibe, which is well-suited for all categories of women.

#56: Over 50 Feathered Silver Pixie with Bangs

Consider a cut which is in-between the phase. If you desire a cropped style but aren’t set to adopt the pixie cut, a collarbone cut is a perfect alternative. Include some swooping layers, then you will never feel as if you are wearing a wrong mid-length.

#55: Long Feathered Pixie Which Has Sideburns

If you have fine hair, ensure you adopt a style which is appropriate for your texture. Adopting a wispy, layered cut is going to put movement into what could have been straight and lifeless strands.

#54: Feathered Blonde Balayage Pixie

#53: Buttery Blonde Mid-Length Hair

If you’re searching for modern haircuts for women above 50, you have to try this. The popular lob is characterized by a lived-in look owing to its haphazardly placed, alternating curls, and still maintaining its polished feel. This is made possible by a sleek, side-swept bang. Also, the friendly brunette shade oozes a youthful energy.

#52: Long Bombshell Red Locks

Do you think sideburns are not suitable for ladies? You have to think twice because this classic pixie cut is likely to be your new go-to hairstyle. The hairstyles for women often borrow a few features from men’s styles and balances them with female touches, such as voluminous feathered layers, which makes the final look more elegant.

#51: Brown Hairstyle Which Has Flicks and Bangs

For women who are always busy, there is no need to make a fuss about hair styling. When you adopt this stacked pixie cut which is ideal for thin hair, you are going to have a style that’s suitable for all moments. The feathered layers add a flattering shape to the cut and boost the volume, which means little or no work for you.

#50: Choppy Tapered Hairstyle for Women Over 50

Buttery Blonde Mid-Length Hair

#49: Blonde Pixie

Blonde is a famous color choice in the hairstyles of older women because gray roots respond more perfectly to bleaching than covering it with color, and the re-growth is not noticeable enough against a lighter shade. This amazing, buttery blonde mane will look amazing at old age, but no matter how old you are, it’s best for achieving super healthy hair.

#48: Over 50 Messy Pixie Bob Hairstyle

Long and vivacious, this look is a pointer to the fact the haircuts and styles for women aged 50 and above don’t need to be boring – all they need is a brave attitude to pull off! Extra: a red base embellished with blonde highlights will surely add elegance to your complexion!

#47: Medium Layered Hairstyle for Thin Hair

A flicked-out style characterized by romantic side-bangs is among the best ways to make collarbone-length hair more attractive. To achieve a pop of color, make layers using caramel highlights. The contrast between the darker brown base and the highlights will immediately brighten up your face, thereby making you have a young and vibrant look.

#46: Cute Feathered Brown Pixie Over 50

Modern short haircuts suitable for women are characterized by a distinct texture and an attractive shape. This pixie features a trendy narrow silhouette and arches pleasantly above the ear which results in a statement short look which is excellent for all ages.

#45: Mid-Length Hairstyle with Body-Building Layers

Most of the time, middle-aged women go for pixie cuts, for good a very good reason! The narrow silhouette maintains the feeling of length both in front and at the top, but reduces the daily maintenance which longer hair requires. With a style like this, it’s significant to maintain the hair at the nape and cut it clean to maintain a clean appearance.

#44: Medium Strawberry Blonde Hairstyle with Swoopy Layers

Not all short styles must look neat and polished. Adopt the popular incomplete look by taking to this messy long pixie hairstyle. The staggered layers add a feel of movement to the style, and the irregular part promotes a sense of perfect imperfectness, which is inherent in the hairdo. For women who have long faces, this is a great cut because the waves and layers will make the length of your face balance.

#43: Roundbrush Bob

The popularity of long hairstyles with older women is not as much as that of short and medium hairdos. If you still desire to wear free-flowing long hair, adopt an amazing layered collarbone cut. It brightens up even thinner hair and enhances its texture.

#42: Layered Bronde Bob Over 50

If your hair is not voluminous, go for a cut, which builds the required volume using smart layers. Couple them with bangs, then all you need to do with respect to styling are tousling the lengths, teasing the roots, and adding a little bit of spritzes of hairspray. Hairstyles for women above 50 should be easy to do.

#41: Long Bangs, Short Crown

With long, angled layers, it is possible for you to have hair which is beach worthy on a daily basis. Side bangs always flow flawlessly into this haircut. If you desire a color update, experiment with a fragile strawberry blonde shade.

#40: Blunt Nape-Length Bob

If you are characterized by an angular face, there exist short women’s hairstyles which can help make it soft. This bob has layers which after a rapid round-brush session produce gentle, curved lines which help to soften your features.

#39: Layered Auburn Hairstyle

The combination of choppy layers, a multi-toned color, and a bob crop is perfect. The texture produced by the layers gives the pixie-cut vibe to the bob but you will still enjoy the collarbone-length hair.

#38: Highlights and Lowlights in Medium Length Cut

#37: Blonde Graduated Bob

Do you love the appearance of face-framing layers, but detest the maintenance of long locks? There’s a style which takes care of your needs! Keep the anterior of your hair lengthy and sleek to enable you to run your fingers through it, then tuck it in the back of your ears, however, ask your stylist to chop off short layers at the back of your hair to obtain elevation at the crown.

#36: Bold and Spiky Pixie

Although tousled hair is popular, there are ladies out there who prefer specific haircuts for women. This chic bob is an awesome idea if you desire a very accurate and neat cut for hair that is thick and straight.

#35: Shiny and Short Bob with Long Layers

Who says attaining the age of 50 means saying goodbye to long hair? If you have always desired to have bangs with tousled layers which fall a little below the shoulders, this is a perfect choice for you. It is feminine, full of volume, and characterized by rich, deep layers that create a lower or higher contrast with the tone of your skin which remains radiant at all times.

#34: Medium Style with Blonde Highlights

Long hair is not meant for everyone. However, that doesn’t imply you must be super short. This cut is an excellent medium length for fullness as well as dimension. Soft layers which have light and dark strands evenly mixed equals an excellent 10 in haircuts for women aged 50 and above.

#33: Blonde Lob Which Has Long Bangs

Being above 50 doesn’t imply you should go for boring hair, but we appreciate the fact that you don’t want complex tresses either! This style employs the modern day bob which literally makes it better. The stacked layering on a beautiful pearl blonde base, adds height, which makes the styling options easier.

#32: Layered Bob Which Has Highlights

You can bring out your natural beauty by adopting a bold color to act as a compliment for a minimalistic cut. For example, the spiky pixie looks complex, but it is very easy to style. It is very easy to style the sassy spikes with wax and sweep them towards the front. Various nuances of the color of the hair can introduce another look to the cut.

#31: Shoulder Length Hairstyle with Flicked Out Ends

Hairstyles adopted for short hair can become confusing when you desire to be on trend but it does not appear as if you tried enough. This cut and color are modern and elegant. Working on a very light base with slightly darker undertones, the long layers introduce a new feel to this short haircut, that is slightly angled.

#30: Soft Layered Nape-Length Bob for Blondes

The majority of hairstyles adopted by women above 50 are cropped, however, there are several amazing long and medium options. Something which reaches around the shoulders is excellent if you want some length and you don’t want to get into Rapunzel-like strands.

#29: Short Hair Which Has Long Multi-colored Bangs

Are you still doubting whether or not a long bob is a fantastic look for you? Talk to your hairdresser with respect to it. They are going to show you varied options. If you desire some swooping bangs plus layers close to your face, you have a good example here which you can take to a salon.

#28: Long Platinum Pixie in a Tousled Style

There is a wide range of different bobs. The way a few layers can add elegance to any old style is awesome. Layers work perfectly for both thin and thick hair. Also, you can arrive at new finishes based on how you angle the layered pieces.

#27: Pixie Bob with Stacked Layers in the Back

It is not necessary for you to have a haircut, which is too complicated. At any age, the best thing you should aim at is a healthy hair which has a nice finish. How the ends are layered and finished in this hairdo is awesome. It is very suitable for day or formal occasions.

#26: Layered Graduated Bob

For those with blonde hair, adopting a smooth bob is among the best options to show off your attractive color. Make the layers in your haircut as simple as possible, to avoid a choppy cut, which can be out of tune with your beautiful color. This haircut leaves all the talking to your blonde!

#25: Textured Razor Cut Bob

This is a flattering hairdo used to show off a face that is wearing glasses. This is a short style which has an edgy twist. The lengthy, multicolored bangs make it known to the world that fun hair is possible with short hairstyles adopted by women above The shine which bounces off the strong burgundy base is very beautiful.

#24: Layered Bob with Blonde Babylights

A lengthy tousled pixie is amazing for fine blonde hair. This style appears delicate and current, and thus provides the required amount of texture and volume to display your hair elegantly.

#23: Neat Layered Two-Tone Bob

Hairstyles for women above the age of 50 often add natural gray to the color job which makes it looks beautiful and purposeful. This cut makes it possible for you to display your natural color with a blend of grays with subtle highlights. Make the layers shorter at the back for a natural beauty.

#22: Wispy Balayage Bob

Although we agree that age is just a number, it’s still a generally accepted idea that medium to short length haircuts which has volume work better for middle-aged women than the super-sleek ones. Slowly going shorter and simultaneously adding more layers is a perfect way of achieving this.

#21: Short Blonde Hair Which Has Long Bangs

Whether you feature dark hair or a very beautiful blonde balayage like the one in the photo, here is a sassy look which will grow with you continuously. The medium length is excellent for 50-year olds that still desire to manifest their sexy side. Incorporate a few loose curling iron waves coupled with some styling product, and you will become very attractive!

#20: Long Choppy Bob with Bangs Over 50

Loads of layers serve several purposes, and this beautiful cut which is fantastic for 50-year olds employs them all: they eliminate weight from thick, heavy hair; offer tons of height near the crown (which helps to slim the face ), and they incorporate movement. Blonde babylights placed at the tips of the layers make them explosive!

#19: Wavy Bob Haircut Which Has Heavy Fringe

Some people are of the view that prim and polished is the best way to go while choosing a haircut in your golden age and beyond. Make your cropped bob hassle-free using sleek layers, and not razored or choppy ones. Since this style is a clean-cut, you can incorporate some personality into it by adopting an advanced balayage.

#18: Choppy, Stacked Bob

Wispy hair is truly synonymous with youth, therefore, in order to have a fresh feel, you have to consider a style which has some piece-y layers that you can push off your face playfully. Combine it with the famous balayage, then you will appear 5-10 years younger than your real age.

#17: Bob Which Has Bangs Suitable for Middle-Aged Women

This haircut is simple and yet modern. This is perfect for light hair, however, it could also be suitable for those of you who have dark hair. It is characterized by shorter strands at the back, which elongate as you approach the face. This style is very easy to maintain. Include some soft highlights to add a silent contrast to the look.

#16: Tousled Haircut Which Has Dark Underside

This is among the haircut styles suitable for women who always desire to be feminine and romantic. If you are committed to making your tresses healthy as well as professionally styled, you should rock it for as long as you desire! The bangs help to add youthfulness and make the soft piecey curls well arranged. If age is only a number, lengthy, shiny hair has come to stay!

#15: Light Copper Bob with Blonde Highlights

A wavy finish happens to be a perfect choice if you desire something on a softer, more youthful side. It is not as strict as a stick straight hairdo. To improve on the tousled texture of your mane, you should try to add a few beach blonde highlights.

#14: Medium Layered Haircut Which Has Feathered Bangs

Stacked bobs will ever remain popular, and what endears them to women is their wash-and-go readiness. They are excellent with thicker hair textures, however, they are also suitable for thin hair types. The choppy blonde bob is characterized by chunky layers, which makes the already full hair appear more voluminous.

#13: Short Feathered Gray Hairstyle

And what about adopting some sassy short or medium haircuts for yourself? Women aged 50 years and above can easily adopt something playful and flirty such as this razored bob. Hairstyles that are of medium length can lie anywhere between the shoulders and the chin. This cut is an awesome idea for ladies who desire to make their cuts classic. Go for choppy ends, which frame your face in a delicious chocolate color.

#12: Cute Layered Gray Pixie

All that is required to make short haircuts cool and modern is an element which is unexpected. Hairstyles for women above 50 are fantastic when they adhere to this simple instruction. This short layered cut for the female which has a contrasting underside happens to be a new addition to the classic bob.

#11: Blonde Slanted Bob with Layers

An excellent way to make yourself appear youthful and fresh with this style is to improve on your color and probably try a new shade. Copper tones blended with thin blonde highlights that are scattered throughout your hair result in a style which you could have easily used in your 20s.

#10: Choppy and Wavy Bronde Lob

Put on feathered bangs which lie above your forehead and make them balance using a teased crown as well as medium layers. If you adopt this haircut for women above fifty, you will be able to cut layers, making them as choppy as you want, and the style is still going to appear complete and polished.

#9: Sassy and Sexy Pixie

It’s always fun to incorporate past decades’ styles into today’s popular hairstyles. By adopting this bob cut, you are going to bring back the ‘80s via short, feathery layers together with teased roots. Do not be afraid of showing off your gray hair when you adopt this dramatic style!

#8: Flipped Blonde Lob

Are you a committed wearer of glasses? A layered pixie style happens to be the perfect way to make your favorite frames look awesome. The crop coupled with V-cut layers offers the right structure for the shape of your face and incorporating cute side bangs is going to make the combination of your glasses with this style complete.

#7: Lisa-Rinna-Like

You can easily enhance haircuts for women who are above 50 by using the dynamic duo: highlights and layers. The slanted bob is an awesome shape which suits both curly and straight hair textures.

#6: Classic Blonde Bob

This modern lob is among the most fantastic youthful hairstyles suitable for anyone who’s not comfortable with cutting their hair short. To achieve a lovely bronde effect, add in light brown highlights and sandy blonde.

#5: Elegant Off-Centered Downdo

This raven pixie characterized by a feathery finish is amazing. It looks fashionable and somewhat sassy. This is exactly the delight of good-looking women who are above 50 and have style and class in blood.

#4: Sassy Silver Over Pixie

The clean lines and openness of this highly attractive, classic hairstyle add more dignity to your look. Also, the thorough layering towards the mid-ear point makes it livelier and more fashionable.

#3: Smart Ultra-Short Bob

If you wish to adopt this signature hairstyle, tell your stylist to give you a cut that involves layering down the mid-ear position which is a perfect idea for hair that is of medium thickness. Blending medium brown highlights with dark brown hair helps add dimension as well as emphasize the texture.

#2: Edgy Layered Hairstyle

Bob hairstyle is suitable for all times and ages. The one that has a side parting coupled with the correct grading for the tresses, and framing the face, is perfect for women above 50 who have fine straight hair.

#1: Enhanced Elegance

Thick hair coupled with a medium length is an excellent opportunity to incorporate some grading into the locks, as well as framing your face. The use of faint and illusive highlights helps produce a totally natural sun-kissed effect, which enhances your beautiful tresses.