Now you can easily know your DNA story, through genetic testing service. Human DNA has 23 pairs of chromosomes connected with their individual and uniquely paired 23 more. In this google have to order a test kit from their health and ancestry service, then you will be receiving your test kit in their mail. You will have to follow the instructions and spit in the tube which they provide. Meanwhile, you have to register the kit to your account online. The lab process starts when you are registered.
How to register for the test kit
  1. is the link which has to be visited and then register to vote
  2. Enter the email address, your name, and date of birth
  3. Next verification meri will be the email address which you have provided
  4. Now you have to set the password and security questions for your account
  5. As you enter, " you" as the user enter the barcode on the collection tube and confirm your information
  6. Then click on submit to complete the registration process
  7. As soon as you complete the registration you will be receiving a confirmation in the mail
  8. there might be a few questions that they might want to ask, you can skip that part
  9. After the entire process is done one gets access to the account.
23andMe is basically a company for understanding human needs and is a  saliva-based genetic testing company.  Anne Wojcicki, Linda Avey, Paul Cusenza are the founding members, and this company was incepted in the year 2006. Today it has around 300 people working under them and they ship their products to over 50 countries internationally.